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#33: Disney Thinks NFTs Are (P)in Again

X Enters Digital Asset Sales Business

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Disney will launch a mobile-first “all-new socially driven collectible experience” called Disney Pinnacle later this year, featuring the IP from Pixar, Star Wars, and its classic animated films. Users will be able to trade digital “pins,” modeled off of the popular physical collectible category. Interestingly, this effort seems to mirror a recently launched branded experience on TikTok (albeit devoid of blockchain).

X has begun work on a handle marketplace for the purchase of account names left unused by the people who originally registered them. Based on emailed solicitation, potential buyers may need to pay up to $50,000 to initiate a purchase.

Roblox founder and CEO appears open to eventually opening up the game’s ecosystem to allow non-fungible tokens to be used both on his platform and others, with “objects and NFTs moving from platform to platform”.

Unbeknownst to his fanbase, a Chinese influencer outsourced his 15-hour livestream duty to an AI avatar and put on a small print “For display purposes only, not a real person.” Turns out, it’s becoming an increasingly common practice, especially in e-commerce, to turn to digital clones to pump out content 24/7.

“As mature social networks trend more towards fame, there's room for new networks to focus on deepening connections among communities. Crypto's unique characteristics create opportunities for new networks along the entire love-fame spectrum to flourish as users connect on shared ownership and interests.”

  • Victor Wembanyama NBA rookie NFT card sold for $110,000.

  • ATP Tour is releasing customizable tennis posters as NFTs.

  • Adidas web3 platform is auctioning off Bugatti-inspired shoes.

  • FIAT Pass NFT project announced an open call for generative artists.

  • Vertu released a ‘luxury’ web3 smartphone.

  • Tattoo artist platform based on blockchain is debuting at Art Basel.

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade will feature a balloon based on NFT.

  • Roblox published a report on digital expression, fashion & beauty trends.

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Kuba Szewczyk is a Director of Strategy & Ops at ConsenSys, helping build NFT tools for creators and brands. He previously worked at Bain & Co. Digital Assets and earned Harvard MBA.

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