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#23: Get Paid, but Don’t Have to Turn Up

Also: Business Lessons from Taylor Swift and Sotheby's

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The rise of generative AI has enabled digital replicas of famous faces to appear online more frequently. Now celebrities are making deals with brands to put AI-created duplicates of themselves into campaigns, giving them more control over their likeness and more business opportunities. Apparently, they love it because they “get paid, but don’t have to turn up”. Top use cases: sports, cinema, fashion. Risks? A dozen of ‘Black Mirror’ episodes.

Threads, Instagram’s ‘Twitter Killer,’ Has Arrived (New York Times)

After months of speculation and Twitter’s recent mismanagement, Mark Zuckerberg ordered to speed up Threads launch by a month. The new app is a companion to Instagram, enabling users to import the handle, bio & link, and auto-follow all existing IG connections. Notably, it intends to become part of the decentralized social web by supporting the ActivityPub protocol.

The 33-year-old singer is becoming one of the world’s most influential business leaders. Her pioneering moves are all rooted in the premise of ownership: 1) regaining ownership & control her song rights; 2) speaking directly to fans before it became a marketing strategy; 3) launching the first concert tour to gross over $1B.

The crazy-popular online gaming platform doesn’t want to just be known for the ‘metaverse’ anymore. Roblox is pursuing long-term partnerships with high-profile brands as it wants to shift its perception from a ‘one-off activations’ venue to a ‘permanent presence’ platform (like Instagram). The end game? Ads revenue.

Selected as the entity to liquidate the digital assets of a failed crypto hedge fund, Sotheby’s managed to exceed market expectations with the sales it achieved in the depths of the bear market. The key to success was a global, multi-channel sale process, the ability to talk to collectors the same way as with proper fine artwork, and the traditional live art auction experience.

In 2022, NFT creators earned $1.8 billion in royalties, with the top 10 projects netting $489 million in residual earnings.

However, currently royalties earned for NFT creators hit a two-year low.

The diminished residual returns for NFT creators comes amid lowest-ever floor prices among blue-chip NFT projects.

* floor price = lowest-priced item in a collection

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Kuba Szewczyk is an NFT Product Strategy Lead at ConsenSys, helping build NFT tools for creators and brands. He previously worked at Bain & Co. Digital Assets and earned Harvard MBA.

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